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Designed for unoccupied spaces, the Ozone Blaster utilizes adjustable, controlled corona discharge ozone for substantial reduction of odors and visible smoke.

The Ozone Blaster is a fully self contained, portable, light-weight powerful ozone generator built for remediation and maintenance where undesirable odors and smoke are persistant or need to be controlled.

A rugged aluminum case, carrying handle, and low maintenance increase durability and ease of use. Covers up to 3,000 square feet.



The disbursement of ozone is best accomplished with good air circulation. This will be determined by the distance you wish the ozone to be dispersed.
Elevate the unit as high as possible in the environment to ensure complete treatment. Some pollutants, such as smoke, accumulate in the higher areas of rooms. By placing the unit high, it will oxidize these pollutants more effectively.
The Ozone Blaster is most effective when placed in a position that allows the ozone to be spread evenly and mixed thoroughly with the polluted air. Suggested locations, listed in order of preference, are:

WARNING: The Ozone Blaster is intended only for use in unoccupied spaces and should never be allowed to blow directly into the face of a person or pet.



Electrical 230 V / 0.5 Amp / 60 Hz / 75 Watt
Mechanical 52 CFM fan | 1 front-mounted control for ozone output
Dimensions 11.75 "H x 9.75" W x 8" D | 30cm H x 25cm W x 20cm D
Coverage 3000 square feet, 150m2
Weight 16 pound | 7.25 kilograms
Ozon Emission 1200 mg/hr.

Product Brochure

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