Applications for Commercial Air Purifiers

The main sectors in which activTek’s air purification technology is specifically and ideally applied are:

» Healthcare Environments (Infection Control)
» Food Processing and Catering Industries
» Buildings (Sick Building Syndrome)
» Hospitality and Leisure Industries
» General

Hospitals and Healthcare Environments (Infection Control)

It has been proved that many of the problems in hospitals and medical facilities today stem from germs and bacteria within the environment, rather than as a direct result of the medical treatment. Often these germs and bacteria are bought into hospitals by the patients. So, no matter how careful a facility is about disinfecting surfaces, new germs and bacteria are introduced on a daily basis, often evolving beyond the effectiveness of current antibiotics. HealthCare Acquired Infections (HCAI) is the largest issue facing hospitals today. In addition to the challenges of providing a safe environment for its patients, hospitals are also faced with the financial burden of spending significant money on cleaning products to decontaminate and disinfect surfaces.

Therefore, it is so important to have air purifiers that provide a safe environment for medical professionals to treat their patients in.

Amongst the unique challenges in Healthcare environments are:

  • MRSA and C difficile have been located all over wards and in the air – especially in crevices and difficult to reach areas.
  • Hospitals by their very design shut nature out, relying on harmful chemicals, drugs and
    cleaning regimes to combat the spread of infections
  • Many ‘Deep clean’ methods require unoccupied spaces with wards being evacuated for 2‐4 hours
  • Even after a ‘deep clean’, the area can become infected again as soon as it is reoccupied

ActivePure technology is active not passive ‐ it can reach all crevices in the ward including difficult to reach areas. It works on surfaces to kill microbials, therefore complicated beside equipment, curtains and beds can be kept cleaner without spraying harsh chemicals. For more information on ActivePure Technology click here

All day, every day ‐ Discrete and quiet, ActivePure emits friendly oxidisers including H2O2 at such low concentrations that wards can remain safely occupied 24hrs/day.

Bug Beating Buffer ‐ a non‐harmful reservoir effect of the ActivePure technology maintains fast reactions to microbials, advantageous in high bacterial environments e.g. bathrooms and sluice rooms.

Associated Applications:

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctors surgeries, Dental surgeries, Veterinary surgeries .....


NB: A new brand of activTek products will be introduced soon, specifically designed for the Health and Medical sector. Please contact us for more details.

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Food Processing and Catering Industries

With the growing concern over exposure to bacteria and germs, the food service and catering market demand for a cleaner-safer environment is at an all time high. These industries constantly face hygiene, health and safety, and commercial challenges which include:

  • removing threats posed by bacteria (eg.E-coli, Salmonella etc), viruses & mould spores
  • removing threats from ‘headline’ superbug infection
  • maintaining quality benchmarks which are continually rising
  • maintaining shelf life expectations which have never been greater
  • minimising wastage and maximising operational efficiency.

The food processing and catering industry has welcomed a new, chemical-free purification technology which mimics nature’s own cleansing processes, and removes the odours and biological threats from both air and surfaces.

Both the meat preparation and dairy processing industries have benefited from our technology. The installation of our equipment in facilities that prepare, process and serve food provides peace of mind and protection for both the owners as well as the consumer. In addition, activTek offers the AirPureTec products to address odour and bacteria problems in walk-in coolers, waste disposal locations, and other food storage facilities.

Our tried and tested purification units meet the challenges facing the food supply chain by limiting their liability and enhancing their efficiency.

Associated Applications:

Food Preparation services, Food storage facilities, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars ..........

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Buildings (Sick Building Syndrome)

Whatever your work environment, it is likely to have some Indoor Air Quality issues. So many commercial buildings now keep their employees in ‘sealed’ indoor environments, where ‘dirty’ air is being continually recycled by air-conditioning systems. The results are:

  • air conditioning circulates thriving bacteria, viruses and diseases
  • odours from humans, catering, smoke, detergents and many other everyday chemicals linger
  • employee sickness increases, and morale decreases
  • associated costs increase

With the introduction of ActivePure technology, our systems save businesses thousands in operating costs by improving sanitary conditions and limiting your liability exposure. The benefits include:

  • destroys harmful airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and fungal spores including norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, Streptococcus spp. etc
  • maximises infection control (eliminates it from spreading) eg. Common flu, Avian flu etc
  • dramatically reduces air pollutants including odours, smoke, dust and allergens
  • reduces air conditioning and heating costs by enabling operating companies to reduce the fresh air make up of the system
  • helps reduce maintenance costs by preventing mildew and algae growth in air conditioning and circulation systems

Remember, Indoor Air Quality is a 21st Century problem which can greatly the ‘health’ of your buildins and the people who work there.

Regulating the climate inside the building and workplaces is not enough!

Associated Applications:

Offices, Commercial buildings, Retail outlets, Warehousing, Industrial premises .......

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Hospitality and Leisure Industries

In these industries, Indoor Air Quality is of paramount importance as this can directly affect the clients and patrons which are essential to the commercial existence. The heating, cooling and ventilation systems are frequently the source of biological substances that when inhaled can make both clients or staff feel unwell, leading to possible loss of custom or productivity.

Amongst the unique challenges in these industries are:

  • High Density of people – in most hospitality and leisure facilities there are a large number of people in a relatively small area, which creates issues with odours and the transmission of bacteria and germs
  • Inadequate HVAC systems – there can be occasional to frequent occupancy levels that exceed the ‘designed’ rates of their ventilation systems. This results in poor dilution or removal of pollutants in the space – especially true for bars, conference rooms, and hotel guest rooms
  • Pollutant Generating Activities – Off gassing of materials such as carpets and furniture, or from paints when decorating, which emit harmful VOCs, can seriously affect asthma and allergy sufferers. In addition, air can be polluted from cooking activities through odours and contaminated air particles.

Traditionally, solutions have been used which only disguise odours and stale air, and in many cases this achieved by using ‘harmful’ chemicals or inefficient filters – all of these require repeat applications or high maintenance. These passive solutions do not remove the problem at their source.

activTek provide an ACTIVE nature based solution for all sizes and types of premises, that removes the root cause of common air quality issues. Our range of products will service individual rooms, whole floors, HVAC ducting systems, and even for individual members of staff to wear.

Associated Applications:

Hotels, Motels, Conference facilities, Theatres, Gymnasiums, Leisure Centres, Bars, Casinos ....

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Schools / Colleges / Nurseries

Children’s lungs are still developing until they reach about 6-8 years of age. During this time, children’s lungs can easily be damaged by pollution or infection. Children breathe 4 times as much air per pound of body weight as adults. This means that children breathe in more pollutants than adults. Children living in cities are exposed to pollution from cars and industry, while children living in the country may be exposed to dust and pesticides from farming. Parents and teachers can take action in the home and classroom to protect children’s lungs.

Childcare facilities and schools often have problems with indoor air quality because there are a lot of people in a small space. Money to maintain or upgrade buildings may be limited. Childcare providers and parents may not even be aware of the environmental risks children may experience in outdated buildings. Poor indoor air quality can increase the spread of communicable diseases and cause discomfort such as congestion and coughing for children and adults. Children and childcare workers may miss school far too often by our failure to recognize and correct environmental health risks.

activTek addresses these challenges with ActivePure technology – an active technology which reaches all areas, working to kill microbials in the air and on surfaces where children often touch. It works all day, every day – quiet and discretely to protect our future adults!

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Where and how are commercial air purifiers used?

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